How to distinguish the quality of the faucet valve core

The faucet spool is the heart of the faucet, and it is a very important accessory. Nowadays, there are countless faucet spools on the market. Faced with so many options, how to distinguish the quality of the faucet spool, let's follow the editor below. Check it out.
When choosing a faucet, the first thing ordinary consumers care about is the appearance, but the more important thing is its function and water outlet method. The heart of the faucet is its valve core, which determines the quality of the faucet. The valve core is the heart of the faucet, and the ceramic valve core is the best valve core. Products with better quality all use ceramic valve cores, which have the characteristics of strong wear resistance and good sealing performance. Generally, they can be used for more than 300,000 to 500,000 times; low-end products mostly use copper, rubber and other seals, which have a short service life. But the price is low. Therefore, to choose a good faucet, you must first understand the spool of the faucet.
The most important accessory on the faucet is the valve core, which can be opened dozens of times a day without any problems. Common faucet spools include stainless steel, ceramic spools, and shaft rollers. These three spools are characterized by their integrity. The entire valve shaft is integrated, which is easy to install, maintain and replace. And now most products are equipped with ceramic valve cores, and good product valve cores can withstand tens of thousands of opening experiments. When you choose the faucet, it is impossible to see it directly. You can feel it by moving the handle back and forth. It is best not to choose products that are too loose or too tight. Only those that feel comfortable and lubricated, and use flexible and comfortable faucets are good products.
The stainless steel ball valve is currently a leading valve core with high technological content, which is especially suitable for areas with poor water quality. Because it is not affected by impurities in the water, it will not shorten its service life, and the handle of the steel ball valve core has a larger angle in the area where the water temperature is adjusted, which can accurately control the water temperature and ensure that the hot water flows out quickly and accurately. Play the effect of saving energy. Some high-end sanitary ware brands use it as the valve core of their latest faucet products.
The steel ball valve core is particularly suitable for areas with poor water quality, because it is not affected by impurities in the water and will not shorten its service life. Moreover, the handle of the steel ball valve core has a relatively large angle in the area where the warm water is adjusted, which can accurately control the water temperature, ensure that the hot water flows out quickly and accurately, and save resources as much as possible.
Ceramic disc valve core is the most common kind of valve core. Its advantages are low price and less pollution to water quality, but due to the brittle texture of ceramics, it is easy to break.
The advantages of the roller roller spool are smooth handle rotation, easy and simple operation, comfortable and easy hand feeling, aging resistance and abrasion resistance.
After the quality is guaranteed, the function of the faucet must be considered. Of course, the faucet is best coordinated with the decoration style. Nowadays, some leading brands of brands on the market usually have series of different styles. When buying, you can choose according to your own preferences and the style of other sanitary products.
After the introduction of the editor, everyone should know how to distinguish the quality of the faucet spool.

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