Sensor urinal flushometer manufacturers take you to understand the size of the urinal sewer from the wall

The manufacturer of Sensor urinal flushometer said that many people do not know much about the size of the urinal downpipe from the wall. In fact, the urinal downpipe is about 15 cm from the wall and 32.5 cm.

1. If the urinal does not have a water trap, it is necessary to install a water trap in the sewage pipe. The manufacturer of Sensor urinal flushometer tells you that the urinal sensor is based on the principle of infrared induction, and sends a signal to the pulse solenoid valve after sensing by the human body to automatically control the flushing. The urinal sensor performs automatic flushing only within the sensing range.
2. Above the interface of the urinal and the drain pipe, make a slanted hole of about 8mm through the ceramic tile and the water pipe. Sensor urinal flushometer manufacturers tell you that the height of the ceramic urinal is about 950mm from the ground, and then determine the appropriate size of the urinal sensor according to the ceramic and internal pipeline conditions, but you should pay attention to flush the sediment and impurities in the pipeline with a certain water pressure to prevent Impurities enter the inside of the solenoid valve.
3. The distance from the drain outlet of the urinal installed on the floor to the wall is generally 150mm, but different models may be different. Sensor urinal flushometer manufacturers tell you that a urinal sensor refers to a sensor flush valve used for flushing water, and is used with a urinal. The urinal is generally divided into two types, one is a squat urinal, and the other is a urinal. Seated urinal.

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Urinal induction water flush brings great convenience to our life

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Introduction to the main features of Urinal induction water flush

Only within the sensing range, Urinal induction water flush will perform automatic flushing, otherwise it will not flush. The flushing program, flushing time and sensing distance can be adjusted. It is a relatively advanced intelligent water-saving product in China.

What should I do if the Sensor toilet flushometer does not water

Most of them are used in public places. For the convenience of cleaning, the toilets are odorless and clean. Many public toilets are equipped with Sensor toilet flushometers, but what should I do if the Sensor toilet flushometers do not run out of water?

The structure of Sensor toilet flushometer

Sensor toilet flushometer tells you that with the improvement of people's living standards and the wide application of artificial intelligence, many sensing devices have appeared, which also provides convenience for our lives and improves our quality of life.

Sensor urinal flushometer pre-embedded method

Buy the Sensor urinal flushometer, then disassemble it, check the instruction manual, and mark the installation according to the instructions. After deciding the installation location, use an electric drill on the wall to drill holes of a certain depth and diameter, and then lock them with screws.

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